Visas for Mexico

Delegates from certain countries will require a visa to enter Mexico, all those intending to attend the conference are urged to contact the nearest Mexican embassy or consulate to determine where and how they should apply and the time needed to complete the visa process.

If you have a valid multiple entry visa issued by any the following countries: Canada, Japan, the United States of America, the United Kingdom or any of the countries comprising the Schengen Area; you will not require a separate Mexican visa to travel to Mexico.

You must contact your nearest Mexican embassy to make sure this exception applies in your circumstances, and for any other visa queries.

Please download and refer to the visa requirements document (PDF 170 KB) for further information.

Please note that your registration fee cannot be refunded if your visa is refused because your visa application was made too late or was incomplete.

Letters of invitation

Please be aware that letters of invitation can only be provided for Mexico, and not for any other country.

More information on letters of invitation and how to successfully apply for them is available here.


Visas and requirements to visit Mexico for temporary entry (PDF 170 KB)


For any additional enquiries, please contact the Conference Secretariat at: