Rapporteur Session provides overview of conference science

Stacie Stender, Chair of the Coordinating Committee of Scientific Activities (CCSA), hosted the rapporteur session, providing a comprehensive overview of the breadth and depth of the science presented this week.

The CCSA, who work voluntarily throughout the year, coordinate the development of the scientific programme of The Union World Conference.

Speakers from the committee were Wendy Wobeser, Programme Secretary, Tuberculosis Section, Linette McElroy Hawkes, Programme Secretary, Nurses and Allied Professionals Sub-section, Alejandro Perera Ortiz, Programme Secretary, Zoonotic Tuberculosis Sub-section, Alaine Umubyeyi Nyaruhirira, Programme Secretary, Bacteriology and Immunology Sub-section, Keren Middelkoop, Programme Secretary, HIV Section, James Seddon, Programme Secretary, Adult and Child Lung Health Section, Omara Dogar, Programme Secretary, Tobacco Control Section, Mercy Annapoorni, Civil Society Representative.


Rapporteur Session Slides (PowerPoint 11 MB)