Satellite sessions

The 48th Union World Conference on Lung Health offers organisations the opportunity to organise satellite sessions, which will be announced in the official programme of the conference. 

  • Satellite sessions are organised and supported by individuals, non-profit groups, organisations, or commercial entities. The Union offers these groups the opportunity to showcase their work, research and programmes, or draw more attention to a specific subject or area by organising a satellite. These sessions are scheduled outside of the core programme and are announced via the online app, the website and in the official programme of the conference.
  • Satellite sessions will be held on 12, 13 and 14 October outside of the core programme hours, 75 minute sessions in the morning or 90 minute sessions in the evening.
  • Sessions will be reviewed for compliance with The Union’s mission and vision.
  • There will be two rounds of review and notification.
  • Satellite sessions submitted before 3 July will receive notification in mid-July and will have priority in the selection of time slots. If there are still spaces available, there will be a second round for reviewing sessions submitted between 15 July and 5 September, with notifications sent in mid-September.

Additional information

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View the brochure for more information on promotion and sponsorship opportunities at the 48th Union World Conference.(PDF 221 KB)