Cancellations, transfers and lost badges

Cancellation policy

The policy regarding cancellation of paid registrations is as follows:

Until 11 July 2017:  Full refund (minus an 100 euro administrative charge)
11 July through 12 September 2017:  50 per cent refund (in other words, the cancellation charge is 50 per cent)
As of 12 September 2017: No refunds will be given.

The Conference Secretariat must be notified of all cancellations in writing. The amount to be refunded will be calculated according to the date when the cancellation notice is received. All refunds will be paid after the conference.

Please note that no refunds will be made after 12 September due to non-receipt of a visa.

Transferring a Registration

It is possible to transfer an existing registration to another person if you can no longer attend the conference. Your registration may be transferred to another person until 30 September 2017 without incurring any cost penalty.

The Conference Secretariat must be notified in writing by the deadline to request a transfer of registration. Please send the existing registration name and registration number (5-digit number located above the name in the email confirmation) along with following registration details for the person to whom the registration is being transferred: Title, full name, organization, country, nationality, and email address.

After 30 September registrations can only be transferred onsite and a transfer fee of 50 euros will be charged.

Lost badge or entry bracelet 

If you lose your badge while attending the conference, please inform the registration staff immediately. You will need to show proof of your identity to receive a replacement badge. The provided entry bracelets must be worn throughout the conference. They are equipped with a closing mechanism that can be used once only. Should you for any reason remove your entry bracelet a new one can be provided to you in exchange for the old one. There is an administrative fee 100 Euros for providing a replacement entry bracelet if the original one cannot be provided. Both the badge and the bracelet will be needed to access the conference sessions and exhibition.

Contact the Conference Secretariat

Conference Secretariat
International Union Against Tuberculosis and Lung Disease (The Union)
68 Boulevard Saint-Michel
75006 Paris, France

Tel: (+33) 1 44 32 03 60
Fax: (+33) 1 43 29 90 87